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Gambling culture was an integral part of France's history since many centuries. Historians revealed that many famous gambling games were invented in France and are played even today. Gambling is very popular in France even now. Gambling industry worth US$335bn and shows not any possibility of slowdown in its growth. France houses some renowned casinos and horse racing betting is the national pastime in France. Presently, gambling online in France is controlled by the state and there is observed a relaxation in the opening of this French market in competition. Still, Government of France earns betting run of about 25%.

French people perceive this as a situation depending on morality as the funds that are accrued from the gambling taxes actually are channeled for meeting the interest of public. For instance, tax from revenue obtained from gambling is assigned for subsidizing initiatives on national sports. It even funds for programmess like breeding of horses, which is also in national interest in those nations who are passionate about horse racing or betting. France allowed online gambling even before Football World Cup 2010. While dealing with online gambling, it has been noticed that France had long disputes with EU that has rules for free competition that required opening of borders for the member states.

Therefore, regarding gambling online illegal in France and prohibiting French citizens from gambling violated the EU directive. Finally, on 7th April, 2010, French National Assembly gave its assent to a bill that opened gambling competition and recognized online gambling and issued licenses to different operators. All the operators now have free sites for the entire French market. The bill also bans chance games like slots and roulette which encourage gambling addiction. The new law recognizes only the games played with strategies and not by chance. Now, all kinds of gambling activities are under the direct control and supervision of French Authority of Online Gaming Regulation.

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